Our Services

Let’s collaborate to find a creative solution.

After we have a chance to get to know more about your organization, its goals, and your budget, we can work together to decide how we can help you utilize cost-effective social media to attain your goals while honoring your budgetary constraints.

We provide a wide range of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media  marketing, and Web Development Services, including:

Social Media ServicesSocial Media Strategy Design/Implementation—Social Media is the most cost-effective way to engage your community in meaningful dialogue. Let Deon Designs help you determine the best applications to connect with your community, develop your social media “personality,” and design an implementation plan that can be fulfilled by a member of your staff.

Search Engine Optimization Services—Professional Search Engine Optimization services which will boost your traffic and get you more clients and high engine ranking in the search engines.

Blog Design/Writing Service—Blogs are a great way to tell your story, highlighting client and customer experiences to enhance your connection with your community. We can help you set up a free-standing blog account or link a blog to your existing webpage, whatever best suits your needs.  We can provide ghost writing services or set you up to maintain your own blog.

Website Design/Maintenance—Websites are often the first impression you make on a potential customer, client, or donor. Make sure that your website is as effective as possible by ensuring that in can be easily kept up to date without losing the look and ease of use that are key to establishing your company’s public image. We can design and develop a website that will allow you to easily maintain the look and usability that your community expects.

Web Development and Implementation—We would love to work with you to develop a website that tells your story with a creative flair.

Let’s develop a plan to make this happen. Contact Us today!

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