Contact Enhanced Component – Outstanding Contact form for Joomla

There are several contact forms for Joomla, but the best one that we have found, tested and using for the last 2 years is Contact Enhanced Component develop by Ideal Extensions.

In Contact Enhanced you could find everything that you need in a contact form, plus much more such as custom fields, Google map integration, directions, QR code, contact directory, newsletter integration, and much more. Everything is very easy to setup, integrate and works perfectly, plus you are getting the best customer support, that you can hardly get with most of other Joomla extensions.

contact enhanced for Joomla

Here are the main functionality of Contact Enhanced Component for Joomla:

– HTML Templates: Receive and send html emails; Templates are easy to customize and you can have a different HTML Template for each form;

– Form Fields: Now you can have as many fields in your forms as you wish. Available field types: Text, Multitext (textarea), SelectList, Checkbox, Radio-buttons, and many more;

– Captcha Image to prevent robots to fill the forms, in other words, to ensure that the response is not generated by a computer. Contact Enhanced can load reCaptcha OR SecurImage captcha libraries;

– Google Maps integration with directions: Easily add a map to the contact page and allow your users to trace a route to your location;

– Newsletter systems Integration
: Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and AcyMailing;

– Google Spreadsheet integration: Auto saves the form data to Google spreadsheets;

– Export: Forms are stored in the database and can also be exported to a CSV file;

– Submit to another server: You can also submit the data to another server using Socket connection;

– Custom Code: You can add custom PHP, CSS and JavasScript code to any form; This allows you to create professional and very advanced forms;

– Form Validation: all forms are validated in the cliente-side, using MooTools javascript and in the server-side by PHP; 

– Email validation: Contact Enhanced checks whether the provided email address is from a valid domain name, in order to avoid the user from mistyping and to avoid spammers as well;

– Export Contact to vCard: Your users can download a vCard and import to their email clients;

– QR Code integration: Auto generate QR Codes based on Contact information; Available formats: vCard, MECard, BizCard, MATMSG, MEBKM, Phone, SMS, URLTO, mailto, GeoCode;

– User Information: It will get your user’s IP Address, Browser, Operating System and Screen resolution; Whenever possible CE will also get the address based on the IP;

Now you can have different set of Form Fields for each contact category!

Order Contact Enhanced

Contact Enhanced Documentation

Below are some images of Contact Enhanced from 2 of our websites, where we use contact enhanced for contact form plus map integration, job application submissions and support ticket system:

contact enhanced for Joomla

contact enhanced for Joomla

contact enhanced for Joomla

Order Contact Enhanced

Contact Enhanced Documentation

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