Armon Morin WebCamps Online Seminar – Las Vegas Oct 4-6, 2013

Are You Coming To WebCamp?

Brand New…WebCamp
BRAND NEW: Introducing…WebCamp!
Don’t Get Left Out…

WebCamps by Armon Morin

Discover The SECRET of How To Create Lifetime Monthly Residual Income In as Little As 72 Hours at The Brand New WebCamp LIVE in Las Vegas!

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From: Armand Morin
Re: WebCamp LIVE and Streaming Las Vegas

WebCamp has changed the face of LIVE training on the Internet forever. The rave reviews have been told all around the Internet about our technology, our full HD streaming, the most incredible training ever created and the NEW CULTURE of pure information we’ve been sharing with people all around the world.

It’s now time to take WebCamp to the NEXT level.

Even with our incredible live streaming technology, there is one thing you can not replace… that is live face to face human interaction. It’s true! Let me say this first, technology today is amazing and we’ve proved it, but no matter how interactive it can be, it will never replace a live event.

This is exactly why we wanted to create the best of both worlds… a LIVE event for those of you who can make it AND at the same time we’ll be streaming all the activities in full HD quality for those of you at home.

In Just 3 Days… You’ll Learn The Exact Steps of
How To Create Lifetime Monthly Residual Income!

During the course of 3 days with me, I’ll teach you EXACTLY how to create a business built upon monthly residual income. Imagine this… waking up on the first of the month and knowing you have $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or in some cases up to $100,000 coming in every single month like clockwork.

Day One

  • Residual Income Ideology
  • No-Setup Residual Income
  • Automatic Profits
  • Payment Processing Secrets
  • Trial Offers Friend of Foe?
  • The Reverse Upsell
  • 6 Membership Models

Day Two

  • Membership Site Dynamics
  • Single Level Systems
  • Social Membership Sites
  • Level Upgrade Process
  • Live Content
  • Content Formatting
  • WordPress Memberships

Day Three

  • The 86 Member Model
  • Membership Advertising
  • The 20 In 90 System
  • Interview Success Model
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Webinar Strategies
  • Member Retention

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