Hierarchy of Facebook Vs Google – Infographic

It is of no doubt that Facebook and Google are top destinations for most of the internet users. With more than 153 million monthly unique visitors, Google remains at no.1; and with 137.6 million unique visitors, Facebook is the most visited and popular social networking website that recently released its IPO (Initial public offering) for the first time.

With stiff competition between Facebook and Google, it has become difficult for advertising agencies to choose the best among the two. The approach of advertising and generating brand awareness is quite different with Facebook when compared with Google.

Let us have a look at the master minds behind these successful internet giants.


Chairman and CEO: Mark Zuckerberg

Board of Directors: Reed Hastings, Erskune Bowles, Peter Thiel, Jim Breyer, Donald Graham and Marc Andreessen


CEO: Larry Page

Chairman of the Board: Eric Schmidt

Board of Directors: Paul Otellini, Ann Mather, John Doerr, Sergey Brin, Ram Shriram, Shirley Tilghman and John Hennessy.

Hierarchy of Facebook vs Google


This infographic is courtesy of Graphs.net

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