Practice Canadian Citizenship Test

canada citizenship test
The Canadian Citizenship Test is a test set up by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, for Canadian citizenship. There is a practice Canadian citizenship test which helps people to prepare for the actual test. People that are between the ages of 18 and 54, and meet all of the required requirements, qualify to take the test. The test can only be taken in the English language and the French language and contains 20 multiple choice questions on it. The test only lasts for a minimum of 30 minutes and 16 of those 20 multiple choice questions must be answered correctly. The following subject matter of the test include Rights and Responsibilities of Canadian citizens, Canadian history, Canadian political systems, Canadian physical and political geography, and questions about the applicants region or territory. The test checks for language ability in checking that the applicant knows how to communicate effectively in French and English language. The “Discover Canada” book, which is a guide to a newer version of the test and contains 63 pages, provides much informed information on Canada’s history, politics, culture, and law. If the applicant fails the test, the applicant will have the opportunity to interview with a citizenship judge, and this procedure lasts for a period of 1 to 30 minutes. The judge will make a final decision if he or she thinks the applicant has the necessary skills to acquire citizenship. On the other hand, if the applicant passes the test, the judge will confirm the applicant meets all requirements and the applicant will attend a ceremony, make an oath, and receive their citizenship. Many people first take the practice Canadian citizenship test to brush up on their skills and see how much they have learned from studying the booklet. People wonder when the best time is to start to studying and preparing for the test because it often takes many people longer to comprehend the information than it does others. The best time to start studying and preparing by answering some of the questions on the practice test is a few weeks before. Trying to study a few days before may not be the best idea. Even after doing practice questions on the test, it may be best to do them over again or study the answers over again until the day of the test.

There are practice Canadian citizenship tests located on our websites where the applicants can take tests very similar to the real test itself. After taking the practice test, the answers can be revealed if the candidate wants them to be revealed, and this is a good way to prepare for the test. Many of the practice tests given online, do not offer only 20 questions as the original test contains, instead applicants are given the opportunity to choose up to 100 practice questions to answer if they want. The applicant will answer many questions about Canada and their territory, so it is best that all applicants be prepared and be knowledgeable about Canada in many ways. The practice test does contain many of the questions that may be on the real test, and most of the questions do come from the book “Discover Canada”. All applicants are able to also take the practice Canadian citizenship test at their public library. Libraries offer the applicants the chance to call and receive information about the tests for the region they are wanting to take the test in. For people that own iPhones, the Blackberry phone, or Android phones, the practice exam can be downloaded from available apps and people are able to study and take the actual practice exam without having to access the web or go elsewhere to study. For many people, simply studying the actual book “Discover Canada” may work for them better instead of taking practice tests. Many people comprehend the information better and are better prepared for the actual tests by just reading over things several times. Whichever way a person decides to study is up to them individually, but the best thing to remember is to begin studying in an appropriate amount of time in order to be ready for the test. It is not recommended to begin studying just days before. Beginning to study weeks before would be more appropriate to ensure that answers are answered correctly and the applicant receives a passing grade.

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