Refine PPC Campaigns by using Search Query Reports

The value of PPC lies in the ability to granularly target ads to a very specific audience. As a search marketer, you want to take advantage of any tool available to further refine campaigns and ensure minimal cost is being wasted. If you’re not yet using search query reports, you should be.

First, why are search query reports important?

Google AdWords and Bing Ads both offer various match types to determine how closely user queries must relate to keywords in order to show ads. Unless you’re using exact match and have close variants turned off in AdWords, your ads are going to show to a variety of actual search queries. You need to take the time to review these search queries and sift out which are relevant to your campaign and could be helpful to add as exact or phrase match and which are non-relevant and should be excluded.

First, let’s walk through the steps of pulling a search query report.

In AdWords, select the date range and campaign or ad group for which you want to pull a report, and then navigate to the Keywords tab. You can either click Keyword Details > All to view stats for all keywords or check the boxes by specific keywords and click Keyword Details > Selected to view for the ones you choose.

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