Video Sharing and Strategy

There are several video hosting websites, where your business videos can be hosted and used depending of business nature, purpose, and strategy. The 2 major video giant that I would like to emphasize are YouTube and Vimeo. There are others like Google Video, Metacafe, but their popularity and usefulness is under question.

Video Platforms

Vimeo will not host any commercial videos, gaming videos, pornography or anything else not created by users. YouTube is a little more liberal in its demands, but also have its strong points when it comes to copyright infringements. YouTube’s requirements are the uploads should not be defamatory, contain pornography, copyright violations, and material that might encourage criminal behaviour. Much of this, of course, is very reasonable and very necessary given the size of the audience.

YouTube vs. Vimeo

Both sites will delete certain videos which are unacceptable, due to different reasons.

What we need from the video platforms

When we are looking for video platforms the following are one of the important

  1. Video Quality
  2. Uploading size and times
  3. Community engagement
  4. Downloadable options
  5. Support
  6. Purpose

So depending of what exactly you need, choose the platform that the best fit your business in.

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