Social Mention Monitoring Tool

One of the good Social Media Monitoring tool that I am often use to research different brands, clients and competitions is Social Mention.

This social media monitoring tool features an interesting combination of easy-to-read metrics including reach, sentiment, passion, and strength (volume/day). Social Mention tracks blogs, blog comments, Twitter, mainstream news, images, video, and audio. Searches can be saved as an RSS feed so you can easily stay up-to-date.

Social Mention Monitoring Tool

Social Mention is a great way to grab what’s fresh and new on the topic or brand across the Web, organized into one tidy stream of information. Plus, you can track your topic easily by setting up a Social Mention news alert or RSS feed, which could be very helpful if you’re looking for information on a subject that interests you.

To search with Social Mention is pretty much like searching with any other search engine. Just enter in the phrase you’re looking for, and press Enter. You can choose which part of the social Web you’d like Social Mention to scour for you:

  •     Blogs
  •     Microblogs
  •     Bookmark services
  •     Comments
  •     Events
  •     Images
  •     News
  •     Video
  •     Audio

Pretty easy, very simple and self-explanatory Social Mention is a great free tool to social media monitoring.

Below is an example of searching for the phrase “Pinterest”:

Social Mention for Pinterest

You can see on the screenshot all the different criteria that has been used to analyze this word and what the results were.
So go ahead, test, and use it in your social media monitoring.

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