Pinterest and Your Business

Is Pinterest just another social network? Or is it something else?

PinterestWhat is Pinterest worth or what it can do for your business?

  • You can organize and share photos and videos you find on the web!
  • You can browse pinboards created by others and find your way through vertical subjects!
  • You can “Repin” items on your pinboard that you find on othersʼ!
  • You can share your inspirations on Pinterest !

“Pinterest is a social shopping experience disguised as a website full of interest” – Brad McCarty – the next web!

How popular Pinterest is?

  • Pinterest hit 12 million monthly U.S. unique visitors faster than any other independent site in history…and is now reaching 17 million a week!
  • The user base grew by 145% since the start of 2012!
  • Average time per user is 72 minutes

The numbers are clear that Pinterest is taking on more and more, so from us depend to follow it and jump on or just be a spectators and miss the train.

I have been using Pinterest for about 6 months for building a social media profiles for several companies. Looking at the result and the referal traffic I see about 10-12% increase from Pinterest to the websites, which is a pretty good and helpful. More traffic is equal to more leads and more clients.

So why to wait, jump up on Pinterest, develop it and succeed in your business!

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