LinkedIn Ads introduced a new API Program

LinkedIn Ads inventory is now available through LinkedIn ads API program.

Until now, the tens of thousands of advertisers who use the LinkedIn Ads platform have been managing their campaigns directly through our self-serve interface. 
API access has been one of the most frequently requested features, and the launch of this new program will empower developers to build custom tools and solutions specifically to help social marketers meet their goals.

LinkedIn Ads API Program

LinkedIn Ads’ self-service platform is increasingly becoming the advertising platform of choice for B2B marketers. With 187 million members in over 200 countries and close to 3 billion monthly page views, LinkedIn provides an unmatched audience of engaged professionals and affluent consumers. Whether your objectives are to increase brand awareness, automate campaign creation, or drive leads, working through LinkedIn new API program gives you the flexibility and confidence that your marketing investment is efficient, targeted and measurable. We’re also making premium support available for our approved developers who will have access to LinkedIn’s online operations and sales team, developer marketing programs, as well as a direct line of communication with LinkedIn product management team.

On Nov 28, 2012 was launch LinkedIn ads API program with a set of premier social marketing agency partners including Adobe, Bizo and Unified. These partners possess unique B2B and social marketing expertise and have built marketing platforms that enable their clients to launch, manage, and optimize their LinkedIn advertising at scale.

To learn how to use LinkedIn Ads APIs, please read LinkedIn documentation. Please note that this is a closed program, available to select partners at LinkedIn’s discretion. You must contact LinkedIn and sign an API agreement before implementing or using the Ads API.

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