Cyber Monday Sale for Joomla at AnythingDigital

Cyber Monday Sale for AnythingDigital

Now that Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, Anything Digital is launching their first-ever Cyber Monday sale with lots of savings for Joomla users.

If you’re using the new multilingual features of Joomla 2.5, Josetta® is the perfect addition and today you can save nearly 25% on a 1-year subscription.

Or perhaps you’re struggling with the recent changes in the Joomla search feature called Finder. Advance Site Search gives you the perfect balance of features and power without time-consuming indexing cycles.

You can now get Advanced Site Search for just 70% of the regular price.

JCal Pro® — the Joomla calendar — is one of our most popular Joomla add-ons and today you can save $20 to $50 on select subscription plans.

And for those of you who are tired of purchasing new subscriptions every year, check out our top sale – $150 off our All Access + Themes lifetime bundle.

Happy belated Thanksgiving and happy cyber Monday shopping!

View the Deal >>>

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